The purpose of this blog is to record my dabblings into mathematics, the ideas that occur to me and my remarks and sometimes criticisms about the books I am reading.

I am currently (June 2017) into Robert Geroch, Mathematical Physics (about half-way through). The book is much more about mathematics than physics. It’s approach is strongly structured by category theory. It put me off at first, but then when I really put myself to it I found that it is a great help. Algebra has always put me off and appeared boring and cluttered with miscellaneous facts. The great merit of Geroch’s book for me is that it has made me like algebra, by giving it unity.

Formally, this is a blog, but I won’t treat it exactly as one, in the sense that many pages can be and remain «works in progress». Comments are welcome, of course, and won’t be moderated except for spam and (why would that happen?) outright malevolence. However, since the text they comment on may change, it may happen that they become irrelevant or unclear.